Wednesday, April 25, 2018

New Daylight Lighting in the Studio

I'm back in the saddle...the sewing/blogging saddle that is, and I have some new additions to my studio that I have to share with you from Daylight Company. I told you last year about their Wafer light box...and now as a continued Brand Ambassador, I have some amazing lighting to share with you as well. I've been using these lights so much, that I took down my old photo light set up because these work so much better for photographs and everything else. If you need more lighting in your space - Here are 3 different lights and a little bit about each one.

First up - the Slimline LED Table Lamp. I love this lamp. True to it's name - it's totally slim. If you don't have a lot of space for lighting over head or on your desk, this is the lamp for you. You can completely straighten it upright or bend it in two locations, the middle and near the base (which gives it a little more length if using it over your desk). The base of the lamp clamps onto the edge of your table or desk...but if you don't have the right type of edge - there is a Slimline table base available on their website. For such a slim light - this one really packs a punch. Since this pic, I've moved this lamp over to my daughter's table. They really needed some light, had absolutely no space for a base, and their little desk isn't big enough for something larger. The Slimline sits just overhead and right in between both seats (and neither will bump their heads - being that it's so thin).

Next up - the baby Lumi Lamp (baby to the Luminos). This Lumi lamp is now sitting on the corner of my project/serger table (where the slimline was previously).
It has an overall white appearance which effortlessly blends right into this corner space. I've only ever had one lamp to use on my desk from many years ago, but it took up way too much surface area (about the size of a piece of paper). The old light was bulky and only provided light just underneath the lamp and was not adjustable. This Lumi Lamp clamps onto the edge of my desk, with a round base of just 2.5".
If I need to move my lighting, the spring loaded armature reaches far across the desk and can be lifted up or pulled down. The head swivels and tilts offering a huge range of motion which means I can use it for more detailed work or pull it back for general lighting. I can direct the light onto my desk surface, or I can even direct it onto the wall. This Lumi lamp is great for a small or large desk, or even a sturdy side table.

Lastly, here's the Luminos LED Lamp, I call it the mommy version of the Lumi, and it's is now my favorite desk lamp.

I have a bit of a strange set up. I have a corner style sewing desk with my sewing machine, and my computer desk butts up right beside it (check out my Luminos Lamp video see my set up). Lucky for me, the corner desk has the perfect opening in the corner for the Luminos Lamp to clamp to. This lamp also has a spring armature, and that means the Luminos with it's 44" reach, extends all the way to each end of my sewing desk, and also extends over my computer desk. It also acts like the Lumi, in that it swivels and tilts any which way you want. It brightens up the entire space if I raise it up super high, but I can also dim the lights if I don't need it so bright. If you don't have the right desk edge for the clamp, the Luminos lamp also has a wall mount.
I think what I love most about this Luminos Lamp is that it has actually helped with my aging eyes and the really bad winter blues. This lamp truly provides a bright white light and when it's sitting above me on a very gray wintery or rainy day, it helps brighten my mood. This isn't what it's for, and the company doesn't claim that it helps with seasonal effective disorders, but it def has helped me to imagine brighter and warmer days ahead. Let me know which lamp is your favorite in the comments below - or on Instagram - where you can find more photos in my feed of these lamps and others.

I hope you'll check out all of the other lamps and lights also available on the Daylight Company website - if you use the code "kidgiddy2018" you can receive 20% off your entire purchase. Please be sure to sign up for my emails to get info about new patterns, new Sizzix dies (coming soon), future sales or coupons and other fun stuff.

Disclosure: As a brand ambassador for Daylight Company, I have received these products for free, but the opinions and comments provided are always my own. I will receive a small portion of the sale if you use the coupon code provided above on the Daylight website. Thank you.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Electric Quilt Company Brand Ambassador

It's really no secret at this point that I have loved working with the Electric Quilt Company EQ7 program over the past 3 (almost 4) years. It's even less of a secret that I love working in EQ8 even more. Therefore I'm so thrilled and honored to share with you that the Electric Quilt Company has selected me as one (of their two) EQ Brand Ambassadors this year along side AnneMarie Chany (of GenX Quilters). 
Last year I created four foundation paper piecing dog blocks as part of my new #DogBlockSeries. I have always loved dogs but haven't been able to have one of my own since childhood. So I have decided to live vicariously through all of my friends and family and my love of sewing. It all started with the French Bull Dog as a collaboration between Christopher Thompson, his gorgeous frenchie Edie and myself for his gorgeous Blue Carolina line. She was a smashing hit, but she was lonely and so I created the Pug Dog.

Along came EQ8, so to test it all, I created the German Shepherd (one of the most loyal dogs from my childhood) and then the Scotty Dog in memory of my late Granny. She just loved Scotties - so with it being Christmas and all, I couldn't resist the iconic Scotty with a huge bow. I learned a lot about EQ8 while designing the German Shepherd and the Scotty and was so excited about the new features and some fixes that I hoped one day would be made. (I'll share some of those favorites later...)
With those four puppies done...and more to come...I started thinking of how I wanted my quilt to look. I brought them all together in EQ8 (some I designed earlier in EQ7 - so I simply brought them into my new EQ8 file) to map out some quilt ideas. I didn't want to do a standard 12 up quilt. That could take forever since I don't have all 12 designed yet. Instead I went with a truly whimsical quilt design (using the custom layout option in EQ8) that makes you want to sing out..."How much is that puppy in the window"! Right?

What do you think? I cut up my first French Bull Dog block to make it into a cute silhouette shaped mug rug (for Christopher's awesome #theunconventionalminiquilt challenge), so I need to make another one first, but I'm excited to make this fun #DoggyInTheWindowQuilt, who's with me? I'll be sharing the details of this quilt in my newsletter next be sure to sign up below!

In the meantime, I have a couple of awesome things about EQ8 to share with you. One of my favorite updates was the coloring. When I colored my blocks, and found a little line I needed to delete or decided to change, I would click back over to the coloring tab and then had to recolor everything all over again. It was as if the wind blew all of my color to the left. Sure it was time consuming but I just thought, it was all still faster than anything I could've done on my own. Now in EQ8, the program understands when you color something, and make a small change, it leaves most of the color there. If you have a block of 4 different color squares, and delete one line (so now you have 2 squares and a rectangle) it picks just one color to be from those two squares. It may not be the color you want, but it leaves the other two squares alone. So it's less recoloring, and that saves so much time!

One of my other favorite new feaures...and I just found out about that you can undo when grouping patches and numbering patches. So when you are ready to print the Foundation Pattern - the window pops up on the Sections Tab. And you'll see notes on the right side, and a little box (that I usually check) that says "I want to section and number myself without EQ's help". Once you check that box to start grouping your patches...this is the screen you'll see. It says "Foundation Sections: Now click on all the patches that you want to be in the same section". And this vast empty space...

After you click on the first patch you'll see new messages added...

The first one says "To make the shaded patches into one section, click the group button. But what if you click an extra patch? I used to have to click the "Start Over" button. Every time either in the very beginning or the very end. But now, see that new second message? "To remove a patch from a section, hold SHIFT and click on that patch."!!! Do you know what that means??? It's like an UNDO button without being an UNDO button!!!! And it's not just one undo - you can click undo a lot of times. All the way back to the beginning if you'd like. It's like this new little update that slipped under my radar this whole time, and now has me realizing how much time I will save when I have all these itty bitty tiny pieces and accidentally click the wrong one. What to know what else this means?

It means that you can also hold the SHIFT key and click on the patches too when you are in the numbering tab. It doesn't say that here on the right side...but you still can. I tried it and it worked! So maybe you want to change a sequence or you accidentally clicked in a different section and that numbered it B1, when it really has to be B5 - you can undo it!

These are just a few more reasons I love the new EQ8 program and over the course of the year, I'll be sharing some tips and tricks for working in EQ8 and hope you'll come by and check them out. I also have some new patterns coming out soon and a new 12 week sew along planned for Christmas. It's a quilt I've been trying to put together for the past few years!

If you are new to the Electric Quilt company, or just new to hearing about EQ8, visit their website for even more info and tons of helpful tutorials and videos. Use the code "EQ8Kerry" to save 20% off of all your purchases (this whole year!!!)! Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter. Next week I'll be sharing the Doggy in the Window Quilt measurements as I mentioned below and the pattern for this #GeoHourglass block I created for this tutorial.

Thanks always for stopping by!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fussy Cutter Hexie Pincushions

I love seeing friends come out with awesome books, especially if it involves fussy cutting. I've always been a fan of cutting particular pieces of fabric with little cats or dogs or bunnies on them to highlight special images in my projects. Angie Wilson from Gnome Angel created an entire book "Fussy Cutters Club - A Bootcamp for Mastering Fabric Play" all for the love of fussy cutting.

There are 14 projects and I decided to make the "Hexy Pin-Up Pincushions". The largest pink one below is the actual size that is in Angie's book. Isn't it so cute?

Since I don't have any pincushions, I decided to play with my printer settings to make one at 75% and one at 50% too. Here's my whole stack, some still need a few more hexies to be attached to some of the other itty bitty cushions.

They were all so fun to make and I love Regina's little bunnies and cats and love how they look on the pincushions. Now I just have to be sure I don't poke them with pins.

If you haven't tried fussy cutting yet, and are not sure where to start, Angie's book is a great place to jump off from. She provides all the tools and tricks of the trade in one well packaged bundle. Even a Fussy Cutters Manifesto!

Want to see what everyone else on Angie's book tour is making? Check them out below:
Want to win a copy of Angie's Fussy Cutters Club book? Check out this photo on my Kid Giddy Instagram account and enter for your chance to win. Please be sure to sign up for my emails to get info about new foundations paper piecing patterns, new Sizzix dies, future sales or coupons and other fun stuff.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Kid Giddy Sizzix Fall Fashion Maker Challenge

Hey everyone - Sizzix and I are so excited to announce the Kid Giddy Sizzix Fall Fashion Maker Challenge! Back in May I released 3 new Sizzix dies specifically for those really cute and fun 18" dolls! I've made a few outfits using the two Sizzix Kid Giddy 18" Apparel Dies and now we want to see what you can come up with! Maybe an outfit identical to a child's first day "back to school" outfit, something inspired by a couture fashion show, project runway or even a halloween costume? The skies the limit and I want to see how far you'll go! Here are the two dies included in the challenge!

The 18" Doll Apparel Tops:The pattern pieces included on the 18" Doll Apparel Tops die are so versatile you'll be surprised at how many different things you can sew with them. The project sheet includes instructions on how to make a Jacket, Reversible Tank Dress and a T-shirt. However - I'm going to show you this week some other really fun things you can make with these same pattern pieces, all very different and all very fun.

The 18" Doll Apparel Bottoms:
The pattern pieces for the 18" Doll Apparel Bottoms may only have 3 pieces (the pants panel and two different pockets) to make pants, shorts and capris, but again, I'm going to show you so many other things you can make using this same die with small tweaks.

Did you see my sneak peek I shared on social media last week? Remember this "giddy"patch I free motion quilted for fun?

You can find my Kid Giddy dies on and these two new dies along with the new mini backpack die also in my Etsy shop. I have a limited number of dies here in my studio and am offering an awesome Doll Apparel/Backpack Bundle deal with a free gift (fyi: backpack is not  a part of the maker challenge) and free shipping in the U.S.! Don't miss out on this really great deal - I only have a limited number - so don't hesitate to grab it now while you can!

I truly am excited about these dies and can't wait to see all the different Fall Fashions you guys come up with these Kid Giddy Sizzix 18" Apparel Dies. Please be sure to tag me on social media (Kid Giddy: on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!) and join me here this week for tons of fun. For more information and all the details about the Kid Giddy Sizzix Maker Challenge - please visit the Sizzix blog.

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Disclaimer: I am a Licensed Designer for Sizzix - opinions are my own and there are no affiliate links